My name is Aubrey Raech, and I watch too many movies. Around the beginning of 2019, I realized just how important movies were to me, and decided to turn 2019 into a voyage through as many movies as I could. My current goal is to watch 500 new (to me, anyway) movies of all decades from all over the world. At my current rate,  I should hit around 700 by the end of the year.

I plan to use this blog, along with my Letterboxd account, to discuss or review the movies that I watch. I’m a little behind on putting my reviews here, so I’ll be trying to put my back catalogue up over time.

I should make it clear: I do not like sharing my opinions about things. I do not believe I have anything important to say, let alone anything of value that others should be exposed to. This is why I do not say anything of substance on Facebook, and this is why I don’t use Twitter or have an Instagram. The purpose of this blog is mostly therapeutic; I’m forcing myself to post whatever rambling nonsense comes to mind with the movies I watch, as an exercise in—for once in my goddamn life—not self-censoring on the basis of unbridled shame and self-deprecation. I have no illusions about my readership. It does not exist.

If you are looking for my NetHack 3.6.1 price calculator, check out this link to DizzyPrice.