Into the Forest

I liked a lot about Into the Forest. It was understated, reflective, and relatively small; and yet, the issues it tackled were very big, very primal, very human. I thought the journey of the sisterhood between Page and Wood was beautiful, which only stands to reason, since they’re both such incredible talents. I’m glad the movie was so contained and constrained, because it really let their performances shine through.

Once again we see rape as a plot point gone minimally addressed. The scene of comforting after Page strains her back and Wood loses her shit with being unable to handle the aftermath of her assault was intimate and endearing, but Wood’s character’s decision to keep the baby threw me for a damn loop, and made the end of the movie seem completely out of the realm of possibility. I mean, having a baby in the crotch of a tree? I suppose the filmmaker wanted to emphasize the apocalyptic scenario and the whole, reverting to the ways of older societies out of necessity. It still felt icky.